Finding the right WordPress theme is hard.

You’ll most likely activate dozens of different themes before you stick with one.  Doing a little research in advance may help you cut that number down significantly.  Here’s a good article:

Here are some things I suggest you consider when evaluating hosting services.

  1. Does this host offer “one-click install” of WordPress?  If not, you’re going to have to learn how to install it and it’s not that easy.
  2. How much does it cost now and will the price increase when I have to renew?  This is a common tactic, the first X months is $X per month then after the price jumps to $XX per month.  Know what you’re getting into and if it’s best for you.
  3. Is the plan I want to buy a month-to-month or an annual contract? Know what you’re getting into and if it’s best for you.
  4. Does this plan offer unlimited storage and site traffic?  If not, does the plan offer enough for me?
  5. I will probably need to use their support.  Is contact information easy to find?  Do they guarantee any sort of response time?  This assignment will have a due date and you won’t have the luxury of waiting days for them to respond.
  6. What kind of reviews does this host get?  Are they generally a good host with little downtime and good customer service?

Here are some suggestions for where to look: